Top 10 Best Schitt’s Creek Episodes Ranked

The time has come–Schitt’s Creek season six was FINALLY added to Netflix! Fans from the US counted down the days to see the series finale season of our favorite Canadian comedy. We’ve had to wait 12 long months, actively dodging spoilers from our friends up North. But now we’ve finally been able to watch our last “Ew, David”-filled season since the award-winning show has since come to an end. And while it was nearly impossible to narrow down, we’ve ranked the best Schitt’s Creek episodes from well, amazing to even better! (There’s a reason they won all those Emmy’s.)

After you’re done binging season 6 (and have processed your denial that the series finale really was the end), go back and re-watch these nearly perfect Schitt’s Creek episodes that are guaranteed to make you laugh. And in case you aren’t completely caught up yet, please note: SPOILERS LIE AHEAD!

10) S4E8: “The Jazzaguy

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This episode involves Alexis signing up for the aptly-titled local dating app “Bumpkin” to try to meet a new guy after her breakup with Ted. Dating app shenanigans are super relatable, and the fact that she falls for a shirtless guy holding an armful of puppies is something we’ve all been through. This is also the episode where Stevie takes David on a spa day where they’re unintentionally treated as honeymooners. There’s a moment where David admits to Stevie, “I think you’re my best friend,” and they both find out that they’ve never actually had a BFF. It’s a nice moment to see two people who kind of hate everything around them solidify the fact that they love each other.

9) S4E2: “Pregnancy Test

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This episode takes on the perfect comedic setup. Johnny finds a pregnancy test in Alexis’ bathroom and thinks it’s hers. At the same time, Alexis has secretly decided to go back to college. The two of them have a whole conversation talking about two different subjects and it works perfectly. There are also a few solid one-liners like David saying, “I’m sorry I’m not a condom,” and Alexis responding to the family thinking she was pregnant with, “Oh my God, that’s so mean.” This is also the same episode where Patrick gets to meet David and Stevie’s ex-sorta-throuple partner Jake. Patrick’s reaction to Jake is hilarious being that they are two opposite ends of the sarcasm scale. All in all this is one of the best Schitt’s Creek episodes because it’s extremely re-watchable and contains all the rich subtleties of what we love about the show!

8) S3E2: “The Throuple

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If there’s an obscenely hot single man living in a small town, you gotta expect there to be a catch. David and Stevie find this out when they realize they’re both dating Jake. After talking themselves into thinking Jake is going to break things off with David, Jake actually invites them to the diner to have a discussion about the three of them becoming a “Throuple.” Jake is able to take two laidback, open-minded people and upstage their open-minded-ness with his own. Seeing David and Stevie squirm when he suggests, “Let’s all be with us,” is just plain fun to watch. Also, bonus points to this episode for the “There is no full combo” discussion Johnny has while working at the diner–the epitome of customer service hell in one conversation.

7) S5E5: “Housewarming

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Ted is one of the most lovable and straight-laced characters on Schitt’s Creek. In this episode we finally get to see him let loose at David and Patrick’s housewarming party. Drunk Ted turns out to be the life of the party which is a surprise to 100% of the people in the room. He kisses David during a game of Spin the Bottle which sends Patrick and Alexis into a highly-entertaining tizzy. The dynamic of the two of them being upset with David and Stevie completely enjoying the situation in a very high school drama-esque way makes this one of the best Schitt’s Creek episodes.

6) S3E8: “Motel Review

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This is the episode when David meets Patrick for the first time, making it a pivotal moment in Schitt’s Creek history! Patrick’s mix of friendly sarcasm combined with David’s neuroticism made them the perfect couple from day one. Watching the two of them try to fill out the form for David’s business is hilarious. David’s inner Brooklyn hipster comes out in describing his store as a “branded, immersive experience” while Patrick shuts it down completely with some tongue-in-cheek, friendly insults. The undertone of flirtiness is fun to watch, especially knowing they ultimately end up together!

5) S6E8: “The Presidential Suite

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One of the most heartbreaking scenes of the final season occurs in this episode. Ted and Alexis have their final talk about what they’re going to do with their relationship. Ted got his dream job and Alexis is planning to move back to New York to continue growing her business. These two have had so many ups and downs through the years, and have even broken up before, so to see things ultimately fall apart is tragic to watch! They say their final goodbyes in the diner and show a portrait of love and loss that’s all too familiar in life. The difficult, relatable moment plays out with grace making it one of the best Schitt’s Creek episodes. Good luck not crying while re-watching this one!

4) S6E13: “Start Spreading the News

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This episode is the second-to-last of the series, and involves a lot of set up for how the Schitt’s Creek characters will be spending the rest of their lives. Moira finally gets her big break for a comeback, which is something we’ve all been rooting for her to have for years. Most importantly though, David makes the unexpected yet perfect decision to actually stay in Schitt’s Creek! This rounds out his character arc in the perfect way, solidifying his journey from bratty, New York rich kid to the loving and thoughtful David we know him to be. His conversation with Stevie as they look at his potential new home is one of the best portrayals of friendship that you’ll ever see on TV. Stevie delivers him some tough love and says, “I don’t want you to leave me here,” making such a strong statement that’s so necessary and ultimately life-changing for David.

3) S1E10: “Honeymoon

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This episode was iconic in how they decided to discuss David and Stevie’s unexpected tryst that happened in the episode beforehand. Audiences may have wanted them to have a “thing” because they seemed to have so much in common, but also, isn’t David into guys? This episode makes the top ten if purely for the genius conversation David and Stevie have using wine preference as a metaphor for gender preference in dating. If you’ve never before understood the concept of pansexuality, “I like the wine and not the label” is a good place to start.

2) S5E8: “The Hospies

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This episode produced one of the most catchy songs to have ever been featured in a TV show… ever. When Moira and Jocelyn can’t find a lead for the play, Alexis auditions with her hit single “A Little Bit Alexis.” The song sums up her character perfectly with lines like “I’m expensive sushi, I’m a cute, huge yacht / I’m a little bit single even when I’m not.” Clearly Alexis has grown into a much different person by this point in the series, but it’s fun seeing the glimmer of what Manhattan socialite Alexis used to be pre-Schitt’s Creek. And if the 30-second performance during the episode isn’t enough for you, there’s actually a full recording of the song!

1) S4E6: “Open Mic

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Hands down, this is the best Schitt’s creek episode of all time. There is nothing anyone wanted more than for Patrick and David to fall in love, and this was one of the first lovey-dovey moments we get to see with them. Patrick has always been a satire-infused guy with a bit of a wall up for being earnest or emotionally vulnerable. But when he sings and plays a cover of “Simply the Best” by Tina Turner on his guitar, it’s impossible not to swoon. Watching him open up to David is a tear-jerking moment that is the most unforgettable scene of the series. Ew David, we’re crying. 

Honorable Mention: S5E12: “The Roast”

Stevie and Patrick have always had so much in common personality-wise, and in this episode we get to see them really bond. They secretly take dance lessons for the cabaret resulting this unforgettable rehearsal performance.

What Schitt’s Creek episodes would make it to your top ten? Did we leave out any favorites? Tell us in the comment box below! Also don’t forget to check out more of our Entertainment posts.

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