10 Quarantine Date Ideas That are Social Distancing Safe


10 Quarantine Date Ideas That Are Social Distancing Safe

One of the biggest questions for daters during the pandemic has been, “What are some quarantine date ideas I can do without being risky?” It’s a tough line to draw. On one hand, the numbers in the U.S. have only been going up and it’s actually less safe now than it was when lockdown first started in March. On the other hand, hormones. Yikes.

So what’s the best way to not go romantically stir-crazy during the pandemic? We’ve got some options for you that may give you the best of both worlds. Social distancing is always a must, and kissing is unfortunately out of the question. But here are some quarantine date ideas for you to safely get to know your date without, you know… contracting a killer virus.

Possibly the best of all quarantine date ideas is to just do a virtual Zoom date right at home!
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Video chat date

Clearly, the safest way to interact with your boo is to not do it in person at all! Zoom, Facetime, Houseparty and the like are perfectly great ways for you to have a virtual date. You can play games, have a wine night, or even watch a movie together on Netflix Party. Take a look at our article for quarantine Zoom date conversation topics to get some ideas on how to keep the vibe flowing.

Picnic in the park

Another relatively safe way you can interact with a Tinder boo is by taking things old school. Back before like, electricity, a picnic was the peak date idea. Fruits, cheeses, wine and a few blankets are all you need to enjoy each other’s company (six feet apart). Find a public park with a lake or some greenery to make the most out of your picturesque pandemic date.

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Grocery shopping

It may not be an obvious choice of quarantine date ideas, but there’s something pretty intimate about grocery shopping with a romantic interest. Just ask Drake and Rihanna in the “What’s My Name?” video–they managed to bond over a carton of milk! Plan a day to head to the grocery store together and see what you’ve both got on your list. You may find out that you and your Bumble date both buy the exact same brand of vegan protein bars. Who knew?

Takeout from a restaurant/bar

Of course restaurants have always been a go-to date night spot. But during the pandemic, a quarantine date is much safer when you take the food to-go. Pick up some grub or drinks from your favorite local spot, then find a nearby seating area to enjoy. You and bae can have a casual, social distancing date without worrying about being surrounded by people.

Beach or lake date

The weather may not always allow it, but a sunny day in quar is perfect for an afternoon by the water. Pack a lunch or drinks (or both) and dig your feet into the sand. Even a breezy beach day with plenty of blankets can become one of the most romantic quarantine date ideas to get to know your pandemic crush.

Go for a hike

Take your dogs for a hike as a fun and adventurous quarantine date
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There’s no better solution for cabin fever than getting some fresh air on a hike. Meet up with your Hinge date to take in nature together at your local hiking trail. Wearing a mask even gives you an extra workout! You can safely explore the landscape around you with a low risk factor. Pick a rigorous trail if you’re both fitness lovers, or a more laid back option if you just want a casual adventure.

Parking lot tailgate

Do you and your Tinder date both have a car? Perfect! You’ve got everything you need to have a tailgate party with just the two of you. Pick a spot and pop your trunks to hang out in the parking lot of your choice. There doesn’t have to be a big sports game on the horizon for you to enjoy this fun date. You’ll have to skip the booze, but you can each bring your fave snacks to munch on while you have a six-foot-away romance from your cars.

Create content

Create content together for Tik Tok or YouTube as one of our top quarantine date ideas
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Are both of you Tik Tok or YouTube junkies? Use your date as an excuse to make some new content together! Choose a Tik Tok dance to learn and see how good the other is at busting a move. Got an idea for a video but you need another person to do it? Now’s your chance! Doing a creative collab will help show each other how your minds work. Photoshoots are also a great option to capture the beauty of your crush from a safe social distance.

Drive-in movie theater

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area that still has a drive-in movie theater nearby, take advantage of it! Drive-ins gained popularity in the 1950s and ‘60s with teens and twenty-somethings looking for places to have some alone time. Funny enough, a lot of people are in a similar situation living back home with minimal privacy. An outdoor drive-in has plenty of ventilation, but if you’re going to be in the car together, wearing a mask is always helpful in stopping the spread.

Get tested together!

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Now it might not seem like the most romantic date, but it’s definitely the most responsible. This is a rare choice of quarantine date ideas that’s actually encouraged by the CDC. Book matching appointments to go get tested for the virus at your local testing center as a pre-date. After you both get negative results, you can have a real date hanging out at a very sexy less-than-six-foot distance. There’s nothing better to spark some romance than finally getting to strip down and take off… your masks.

Do you have any other ideas for the perfect social distancing date? Leave us a comment about what you’ve been doing to stay safe while getting to know people during the pandemic. If you like the blog, don’t forget to pin us on Pinterest!

Note: This blog is not intended to give medical or public health recommendations, and you should ultimately follow CDC guidelines for how to increase your safety in being around others during the pandemic. Social distancing and face masks are recommended and Pizza, My Darling is not liable for any advice taken that results in negative health consequences.

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