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Pizza, My Darling is a 100% online storefront for fashion, home decor, lifestyle items as well as entertainment recommendations and cultural blogs. We aim to make a well-rounded shopping experience for a fun visit!

Our shop is based on curating a storefront of trendy pieces you can buy all over the internet. We don’t sell items directly to you–instead you’ll buy straight from the seller. Some of our products are links through an affiliate program where we gain commissions. Other links are just to support brands we love! All recommended brands have been vetted for quality and trustworthiness to the best of our abilities.

Exactly! Welcome to the 21st Century 😜 All items are only available for purchase from the store where they’re sold. Currently we do not have an inventory of items that we sell directly to you, but it’s something we’d love to do in the future!

It’s a mystery, my darling 💋🍕

At minimum weekly, but sometimes every day! We add products and recommendations as we see them and never want to add items we’re not in love with just for the sake of updating. It’s all about taking time to find the best of the best 🏆💘

Shopping Experience

When you want to bookmark an item to come back to later, just click the “Add to Wishlist” button on the product page. You can access your Wishlist by clicking the heart in the upper-right-hand corner of the navigation bar.

As prices are subject to rise and fall at each sellers’ discretion, we don’t list them here on our site. To find out the price of an item, just click the “Buy Now” button to view it on the site where it’s being sold.

Since each of our items comes from a different store, there’s unfortunately no way for us to have sales. However with some items you might receive a discount by buying from us, and in those cases it’ll be marked on the product page!

There is no need to Add to Cart on our website since each item is purchased individually from its seller. Add items to your Wishlist to keep track of your favorites, then make your purchase on the website where it’s being sold.

If you find an item you’re into, just click the “View Price” link and complete your purchase on the linked site. Simple as that!

All shipping and tracking will be done on the website where you purchased the item. We cannot assist in helping with tracking or shipping inquiries.

All refunds must be processed through the site where the item was purchased. We do not assist in obtaining refunds, replacements or exchanges.

However if you would like to contact us about how you were unsatisfied with a product we recommended, please send us a message! We appreciate all feedback in helping to curate quality items for our shoppers.

Work with Us

We search high and low, digging and sifting through pages and pages of items around the internet to find the ones that jump out. It’s hard to explain exactly what we look for, but we know it when we find it! Many of our items are bright, trendy, quirky, modern, fun and fashion-forward. We’re detectives of cool 😎🔎

We’d love to hear more about your product! Feel free to send an inquiry to pizzamydarling@gmail.com. Products that get featured are quality items that fit in well with our brand. If you think you have something that fits our vibe we’d love to take a look ☺

We do receive commissions from brands where we are a part of their affiliate program. Some of our items are commission-based, but others are just recommendations for products we love! Regardless of compensation, we only ever feature things we’re obsessed with. We’ll never accept money to sell you something ugly lol.

We’re sorry to hear you don’t want us to promote your product to our following. Please reach out to pizzamydarling@gmail.com and we’ll have your product removed immediately.

Brand Info

Los Angeles, CA ☀🌴

Our owner Maya is the brains behind the operation! She has a background in media, writing, eCommerce, fashion, indie music and dabbles in interior design for fun.

Give her a shout at pizzamydarling@gmail.com.

We sprung up in 2020 to meet the needs of a world filled with online shoppers who can’t leave their homes. It’s our mission to show our shoppers the coolest items so they can spend less time scrolling and more time enjoying!