25 Ideas for How to Celebrate a Quarantine Birthday


25 Ideas for How to Celebrate a Quarantine Birthday

“Sucks to have a March birthday!” is what we all naively said when quarantine started and the entire country locked down for what was supposed to be “two weeks…” Psh, yeah right. Flash forward to [insert number of weeks for when you’re reading this] weeks later and here we are, still wearing face masks and logging into Zoom for quarantine birthday parties with no end in sight.

Those of us with autumn and winter birthdays really thought we’d be in the clear. Surely this whole thing will be over by the time the leaves start to fall! Oh, we were so young back then… Once Coachella was cancelled for its October reschedule date, it truly started to set in–you won’t be having a birthday party.

There are unfortunately still plenty of people pushing the boundaries of quarantine birthday gatherings and putting themselves and their loved ones at risk, but what about those who want to stay safe? Check out these birthday ideas for you to safely celebrate your birthday during the pandemic.

Costume Party

Have you ever shown up to a costume party nervous about if you did too much or not enough? Well no need to worry when you and your friends are all dressed up in the privacy of your own homes. A virtual costume party is a super fun way for everyone to let loose and get a little creative with their infinite lockdown time. Try a “Wish I Were Here” theme and tell everyone to dress for a place they’d rather be. Give a Venmo cash prize to the best costume and Zoom background combo!

Pop some birthday Champagne and mix it into a brunch mimosa in bed
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Header Credit: Clay Banks / Unsplash, cottonbro / Pexels

Happy Hour

If there’s one thing that quarantine has convinced people to do a little more of, it’s drinking. If you and your friends are above 21 of course, try out a 5pm virtual happy hour. Tell everyone to make their favorite drink for a screen-clink group toast that will never be as bad as the ones from Boomerang.

Game Night

There are plenty of games you can play with friends without even being in the same room. Try out some classics like Truth or Dare, Never Have I Ever, Pictionary and Charades to get the party started via video chat. Jackbox lets you play games with friends with everyone participating from their phone. Websites like this one are great for finding charades ideas to keep the virtual quarantine birthday party going all night long.

Beach/Lake Day

Go for a social distancing beach trip with friends to enjoy the sun
Credit: Jeremy Bishop / Unsplash

If you and your crew are mature enough to social distance responsibly, small groups can safely hang out in outdoor spaces like the beach or lake due to the low probability of infection in highly ventilated situations. Face masks are still ideal, but you can definitely get your b-day tan on while social distancing on a sunny day.

Sunday Brunch and Mimosas

Brunch used to be a weekly staple, and now it’s just a faint memory. But it doesn’t have to be! Invite your friends to a video chat Sunday brunch where everyone makes their own dish and dines from home. It’ll be BYOB on the champagne and mimosas, but at least you won’t have to worry about the server being stingy on the ratio!

Enjoy a cozy dinner date with your quarantine boo with an intimate dinner at home
Credit: Jonathan Borba / Pexels

Private Dinner Date

If you’re one of the lucky ones who’s been hunkering down with a quarantine boo, maybe your birthday this year takes on a more intimate setting. Order from your favorite restaurant and pop open a bottle of your favorite wine for a romantic quarantine birthday experience.

Picnic in the Park

Just like the beach, an outdoor setting is mostly safe for a small group of friends as long as social distancing is still a priority. If your city allows it, bring a cooler of booze or just layout blankets for snacks and enjoy the breeze and conversation.

Backyard Camping

Remember when you were a kid and making a sheet fort was the pinnacle of accomplishments? Well you can do the same thing in your backyard for a super fun birthday camping experience! Get the tent out of storage and you and your quarantine pod can microwave some marshmallows and fall asleep beneath the stars.

Tailgate Party

Pick a parking lot, any parking lot, and round up your caravan of friends to tailgate at a safe distance. Arrange your cars in a circle so that all the trunks are facing each other, and tell everyone to bring their own food to munch on while you guys catch up. Turn up the car stereo and you’ve got yourself a social distance birthday extravaganza!

Get Tested!

Wear face masks to get tested for the virus with friends so you can hang out in person
Credit: cottonbro / Pexels

What better way to support the health of the homies than to all go get tested together for your quarantine birthday? Find out where your local testing center is and have everyone sign up for the same time slot. Quarantine until you all have your results, and voila! You can all meet up to do a real in-person birthday party with zero anxieties.

Music Festival

Remember those things we used to go to where thousands of people would see their favorite artists live while rubbing up against each other and sweating under the beating sun? Well they’re kind of still going on. Virtual music festivals are absolutely a thing, minus the sweat, and you can round up your friends to all log in for one. Festivals like Room Service, Electric Zoo and plenty of others have gone virtual to bring you a festival experience right at home.

Movie Night

Turn on Netflix online with friends for a group movie night
Credit: cottonbro / Pexels

If you haven’t tried Netflix Party yet, your birthday is the perfect time! It’s a Google Chrome extension that syncs your viewing with friends and adds a group chat room. Gotta love the live commentary and inside jokes you wouldn’t even normally get from watching a movie in theaters.

“Dinner Party”

Is your favorite restaurant only doing takeout during lockdown? No problem! Get all your friends to order from them so you can have a virtual dinner party enjoying your fave meal. Make it extra authentic by dressing up for the occasion and having ice breakers for people who don’t know each other.

Open the car sunroof and take a drive down the boulevard in a caravan with friends for a social distancing birthday party
Credit: Element5 Digital / Unsplash

Cruise the Boulevard

Back before people spent their free time scrolling through social media, getting in your car and going for a drive was actually a thing. Why not bring back some old school fun by getting your friends together in a car caravan to cruise through your city? Roll down the windows and get everyone to tune into the same radio station for a mobile pandemic birthday party you’ll never forget.

Trivia Night

Your friends might be good at bar trivia, but how about YOU trivia? Make a PowerPoint birthday trivia game all about you and see how well your friends really know what makes you tick. Download a PowerPoint template and see who scores high enough to stay friends, and who needs to get kicked to the curb. Winner gets an autographed and framed photo of you sent to their house of course!

Live Performance

Are you a creative person who can never wrangle your friends to come see you perform? It’s your birthday, so they basically have to. Use your special day as an excuse to perform live with a virtual birthday performance. Sing, play an instrument, or perform a one-girl-show for an audience of your closest friends.

Paint and Wine Night

There’s nothing funnier than seeing the outcome of the “beautiful” artwork you painted after half a bottle of wine. Choose a source painting and spend your quarantine birthday sipping and painting with the homies via video chat.

Party with your Roommate

Party with your roommate to celebrate your birthday at home during quarantine
Credit: cottonbro / Pexels

If you and your roommates have been quarantining together, keep the party exclusive and have a celebration right at home! You don’t have to be completely surrounded by people to have a quantifiably good time. Pop bottles, blast some music and blow out the candles to another year wiser.

DJ Dance Party

Everyone has a friend who’s a DJ, so why not do a virtual bday dance party? Have your DJ friend (who should be paid for their time by the way) hold down the Zoom party with a live performance. A week before the party, mail out party hats, glow sticks and other fun party supplies to friends and request they dress for a night out at the club.

Yoga Session

Staying active and well has been a challenge for everyone during quarantine, so use your birthday to get your friends centered with a virtual yoga sesh. Lead it yourself if you’ve got the skills, or have everyone follow along with a YouTube video. Namaste inside and avoid the virus if that’s okay with you!

Road Trip

Take a road trip with friends to a snowy mountain landscape for your quarantine birthday
Credit: Anna Shvets / Pexels

If you’ve got a pod of friends you’ve been quarantining with, now is a great time to hit the open road for a bday road trip. Since flying is risky and in some cases not even an option, explore the outdoors and visit some of the country’s beautiful landscapes. Remember to check beforehand to make sure national parks and go-to destinations are open before heading there!


Hold a video chat karaoke night where each of your friends gets a chance to show their stuff. Look up instrumental versions of your favorite songs on YouTube and get together on Zoom to belt it out and cheer each other on.

Blow up some balloons and have a self care night doing whatever you feel
Credit: Dazzle Jam / Pexels

Solo Dolo Self Care

Take some time to put on the other kind of face mask. Birthdays are a great time for self-reflection, and you can use your pandemic birthday to celebrate yourself, by yourself, doing exactly what you want to do. Whether it’s wine, jazz and a bubble bath or binging chocolate-covered raisins while watching The Notebook, do you, girl! It’s your birthday and you can cathartic cry if you want to.

Jam Session

Playing music with friends has always been a great way to connect, and you don’t have to give it up for the pandemic! Have a birthday jam session where you guys play, sing and write together via video chat. How cool would it be to come out of your birthday with a whole entire song to remember it by?

Request Donations to Charity

While many of us are attempting to have fun and stay entertained during quarantine, there are a troubling number of world issues that have only been made worse by the virus. Use your birthday to pick a charity for people to donate to in your name. Facebook provides a way for you to let your friends know, or you can send them a GoFundMe link for a cause you want to help support.

Note: This blog is not intended to give medical or public health recommendations, and you should ultimately follow CDC guidelines for how to increase your safety in being around others during the pandemic. Social distancing, face masks, and small groups are recommended and Pizza, My Darling is not liable for any advice taken that results in negative health consequences.

Got any more ideas for finding some bday happiness during quar? Drop us a line in the comments and tell us your plans for the big day!

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